Rates & Park Policies



  • Daily :     $40
  • Weekly :  $150
  • Monthly : $400 + Electric  ($75 deposit required at check in)

All sites are 30 & 50 amp, full hook up & pull through.

Each rate is based on two people per site. Each additional person over the age of five years is $2.00.

DISCOUNTS:  We honor Military and Passport America.

military pic

Thank You To All Of Our Military Men & Women For Your Services

                                                                PARK POLICIES

Pets:   Of course we know that pets are part of the family. We are a pet friendly park and ask that everyone respect the park policies regarding pets. Guests may have 2 pets, there is a breed restriction on dogs (no aggressive dogs and no Pit Bulls, American Bulldog, Rottweiler, & Doberman).   All pets are required to be under the control of their owner at all times and must be on a leash with the owner at one end of the leash and the pet at the other end. A pet must never be tied up outside of an RV and left unattended. No pets are allowed in the store, restrooms, laundry or any other common areas. All pets must be updated on all vaccinations and provide a copy to the office. Please walk your pets in the designated pet areas . Animals are the exclusive responsibility of their owners. Noisy pets will not be allowed.  Keep our park clean – pick up after your pet!

Share The WiFi: We have free WiFi throughout the park, but please remember, the WiFi here may be different than your hot home cable connection. A quick email or Facebook post is great, but please respect other guests, this is not be the best place to stream movies 24/7. Go enjoy the great outdoors.

Laundry Facility: We try to keep our restroom and shower facilities neat and clean at all times. Please take care of them and report any problem immediately.

  1. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. Please be quiet and considerate of your neighbors.
  2. Two persons per site. Additional overnight guests will be $2.00 per person per night.
  3. Each site is based on 2 Vehicles. No utility trailers or cargo trailers.
  4. Please keep your site free of debris, clothes lines, cigarette butts and clutter.
  5. Loud, obnoxious, disorderly, boisterous, or unlawful conduct or conduct that disturbs or threatens the rights, comfort, or inconvenience of others in or near the Property will not be tolerated.
  6. Violence or the threat of violence will not be tolerated.
  7. No display, discharge or possession of a gun, knife or other weapon in allowed.
  8. The possession, sale or manufacture of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia on the RV Site or anywhere else on the Property is prohibited.
  9. The operation of a business on the RV Site or anywhere on the Property is prohibited.
  10. The storage of hazardous materials on the RV Site or on the Property is prohibited.
  11. Speed limit is 5mph.
  12. No parking or driving on the grass or in unassigned parking spaces or sites
  13.  Major vehicle repairs will NOT be permitted on the premises.
  14. Cutting of trees is prohibited.
  15. Campfires only when burn ban is lifted and then only in designated fire rings.
  16. Washing of campers or vehicles on premises is prohibited.
  17. Do not let water run unnecessarily.
  18. A sewer hose “donut” or “L” connector is required.

Enjoy RVing, be respectful of your neighbors and abide by the park policies.

   This is a private park, those who do not follow park policies will be asked to vacate the premises.

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